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Stainless Steel handrailsPlatform Structures
WJ Kings Vauxhall Dealer
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We design, fabricate and install metalwork for the construction industry.

We will fabricate purpose built staircases, multi flight and gull wing staircases to your design.

Stainless steel perimeter handrails including those for disabled ramps.

Security gates and window bars.

Mezzanine floors

We have the capabilities to:

• Weld aluminium and stainless steel with tig or with mig
• Weld mild steel and stainless steel on site
• Normal mild steel welding using a mig process
• Brazing
• Silver soldering for very low temperature work so as to not to distort the metal
• Equipment for plasma cutting
• Oxy acetylene gas cutting
• Turning of small items on a lathe
• Assemble and disassemble on site
• Manufacture from stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium
• Capabilities for fine limit work
• Manufacture and repair of balustrades
• Scroll work
• Sheet metal work
• Mezzanine floor structures
• Staircases and Balustrades