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‘Elevations’© is the new ‘quick and easy’ way of creating floors, stages, seating and mezzanine levels. A lightweight system, it is easy to carry and can be assembled very quickly by unskilled hands. Its design improves on all previous systems commonly used in the event, show and exhibition world.

‘Elevations’© was created for the demanding needs of the exhibition industry. Like all good ideas, its success is in its simplicity. Having very few components and no special skills or equipment needed to put it together, the cost of installation is cut to the minimum.

It’s the lightest, strongest available and can be set to any height up to 2.5 metres.

KP Martin Fabrications developed the ‘Elevations’© design from concept to finished product over nine months. The result is a remarkable cost effective flooring or staging system and it is particular recommended to designers in the events and construction industries.

Installation is simple. No fiddly nuts and bolts. You only need a level, an allen key and a hammer. Simply tap in a 12mm pin and slip on an ‘R’ clip.
Unskilled labour can easily install a 2.4m structure at 45 square metres per man hour.

Its lightweight structure means fewer components and each part can be easily carried by just one person, and because it’s so light it’s easy to transport and store away.
Weight 35kg per square metre high.

The structure is well balanced and units are easily levelled by adjusting screw jacks when you add vertical bracing to alternate bays. The design ensures that each 2.4 metre bay is square. It can be erected on any surface including uneven terrain.

The load bearing system takes 5 kiloNewtons per sq m – at any height from 600mm to 2.4m.

Panels for graphics or photographs can be easily added as well as stairs, handrails and ramps.

It has a high quality shot blast and painted metalwork finish and with high quality decking, it always looks good.

‘Elevations’© it will not let you down.