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At KPM our strength lies in the quality of our exhibition steelwork.

Over the years we have undertaken many projects, the most prestigious of these being the mobility zone within the Millennium Dome.

We have manufactured metalwork for exhibitions featuring such clients as BT, BMW, Emirates Airlines, Holiday Inn, Motorola and the Ford motor shows in Europe. We also produce a modular staging system for Edwin Shirley Staging which has been used for many stage shows including Madonna, Elton John, Paul McCartney, The Spice Girls and Michael Jackson. It was also used for the MTV awards at the Berlin Wall as well as the Queens 50th Jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace.

Our client base includes Imagination, Edwin Shirley Staging, Sony, Exib, Kimpton Walker, Park Avenue, Pulse and Scena.

Recent Exhibitions:

Sky Cargo – Pulse Ltd

This exhibition fabricated in our workshop travels to various worldwide locations when we install and derig for our client.

Abu Dhabi – Exib Ltd

An exhibition stand fabricated at our workshop using a modular system that can be erected in different configurations, again tours to different worldwide locations where we erect and derig for our client.